How to write a new documentation article

You can add a new article ba creating a new file in the pages directory or any of its subdirectories. Please only use markdown files and do not change anything on the existing HTML, CSS or JavaScript.

Front Matter

The article needs a front matter to get recognized automatically. It has to be the first thing in the file and defines the title of your article. Below you can see an example.

title: 'Your title here'
type: 'Docs'
date: 'dd/mm/yyyy'

Add a new type of docs:

Currently, documents type could be: CompliBot, Docs, Dungeons, Modpacks, Mods, Textures.
If you want to add a new type, please modify this line.


Markdown is a lightweight markup language with plain-text-formatting syntax, created in 2004.
You can find a useful cheatsheet here.
You can find a useful online editor for it here (click the blue button saying: use for free).


You can also use the liquid templating language which is used by Jekyll.
You can find a useful cheatsheet here.