Add an entirely new Mod:


Step by step:

  1. If you want to add a new mod to our project, firstly check the mod list in our GitHub and on our Faithful Website by typing the name of the mod or its assets folder name. github-research.png

    See here if the mod repository already exists.

  2. If the mod does not have any repository, then create a repository in your own profile (if you have access to the Faithful Mods organisation, then create it there), the repository needs to have the same name as the assets folder file (ex: Actually Additions mod repository would be named: actuallyadditions). new-repo-img

  3. Keep the main branch with only one file: initialcommit (without any extension) and make a new branch for each supported Minecraft version, don’t forget to delete the initialcommit in branches you have created.

    The main branch needs to be set as the default branch! Do not merge others branches to the main branch!
    If you made your repository before the 1st October 2020, rename your master branch to main. (Discover Why?)

  4. Upload your textures in each branch (see how here).

  5. Your repository now should look like this:
    • The pack.png and pack.mcmeta are not needed anymore, because that process is now automated. final-result

      You need to create an assets folder and place your textures inside!

  6. Then make a pull request on the JSON repository modifying this file following this setup:
		// another mod
		"name": {
			// Name displayed on
			"displayName": "Example Mod",
			// Can be left empty if there is no aliases
			"aliases": [ "(EM)", "Example Mod 2" ]
		// Supported versions
		"versions": [
		* OPTIONAL: can be deleted if none
		* End of the CurseForge URL: 
		* Ex: -> example-mod
		"curse": "example-mod",
		* ONLY ONE OF THEM: depends where the repository is located
		* Inside Faithful Mods Organization -> orgRepo
		* Everywhere else -> extRepo:
		"orgRepo": "examplemod"
		"extRepo": ""
		// another mod

Please add the following in an alphabetical order ⚠️