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Rules for Faithful Add-ons

  1. Your pack must be based on the latest Faithful textures at the time of publishing.
  2. All images must accurately represent your add-on in its current state. Don’t use any packs other than Faithful with your add-on applied while taking screenshots!
  3. If at all applicable, all textures in your add-on must at least partially adhere to the Faithful 32x Guidelines. (Only goes for Faithful 32x add-ons, obviously)
  4. The title of your add-on must comply with these rules:
    1. It must be descriptive enough to give anybody a basic idea what your pack does.
    2. It has to be properly capitalised with Title Case.
    3. When possible, use proper English grammar.
      If you forget to do any of these nothing bad will happen, but please keep this in mind so that the managers don’t have to fix the title for every add-on.
    4. Avoid using the word “Better” in the name!
      Be creative and describe your pack more precisely. This can be tolerated in some cases if the header image shows what the add-on does clearly, but we'd still prefer more creative names for your add-ons.
    5. No obscenities or swear words.
    6. Don’t use the word “Faithful” in the title unless absolutely necessary.
      It’s already evident that your pack is made for Faithful, since, you know, it’s on the Faithful website. The same goes for the resolution – don't include it in your title, since it's displayed right above it anyway.
  5. The add-on description must characterise what the add-on does and what it’s like. More is better than less.
  6. No NSFW or NSFL content. (As in pornography, over-the-top gore and other questionable stuff.)
  7. Please use the built-in tags to let people know whether OptiFine is required or not, and what edition/Faithful resolution your add-on is made for. Don’t specify that in the title.
  8. Your pack must comply with our license. That means crediting Faithful and linking back to when listing your pack anywhere except the Faithful website. Also, refrain from using any monetisation sites such as
  9. Your add-on can’t be the same as an already existing one. If you want to make updates or changes to an existing add-on, contact its creator. If they don’t respond within a reasonable timeframe, contact one of the Managers to ask for editing permissions. If you want to make an add-on with the same purpose as an existing one but done in a different way, that’s fine, but please use a different title.
  10. All download links must be direct. No linking to posts on other sites. Ideally, clicking on the download button should directly download the pack file, but linking to services such as MediaFire or Mega is also fine.
  11. The add-on needs to be zipped properly. Users shouldn't be required to unzip the pack and fiddle with the folders to get your add-on working. Just make sure that your zip works in-game.

Lastly, the managers reserve the right to correct small grammar/spelling mistakes in your add-on’s description, should they find any.

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