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Add textures to an existing Mod - With Commands:


  • You need to have a GitHub account first.
  • You need to have git installed on your machine.
  • You need to be logged to git with your GitHub account, see how here.

Step by Step:

  1. Firstly find your Mod repository in our organization, then find the repository HTTPS and use those commands in a shell: github get https
  $ git clone <git url>

Note: If the mod repository is not in the Faithful Mods Organization, check this file to see where is the repository located.

  1. Change your local branch to the one you wants to add changes:
  $ git checkout <branch>

Note: Be aware to be in the right folder when checking the branch, move to the cloned repository using cd ./<repository name> Note: If the branch doesn't exist, create a new one using git branch <new-branch> first, the new branch will be based on the actual branch

  1. Your local repository should now looks like the image below, you can now edit/add textures locally. folder result

  2. Once you are done with editing/adding textures, you can commit and push your changes to the online repository:

  # add all modified files to the commit, you can replace the * with exact name if you want to push only some files
  $ git add * # or: $ git add -A
  # make the commit: (that's a string, "" are required)
  $ git commit -m "commit title here"
  # push it to the given branch: (you need to be logged with your GitHub account and have the rights to push!)
  $ git push -u origin <branch>
  1. See changes applied to the GitHub repository, Enjoy!

  2. Some useful git commands:

  # show the difference between your local files and git ones
  $ git status
  # delete a branch
  $ git branch -d <branch>
  # create & switch to this branch (1 line instead of 2)
  $ git checkout -b <new branch>
  # update from the remote repository
  $ git pull

Please, do not merge branches, never ⚠️